The XMORE platform is the latest Thytronic product line to protect power generation, transmission and distribution and covers all energy market solutions: Utility, Renewable Generation, Oil&Gas, Transportation and Large energy-consuming industry. Highly flexible and scalable in terms of performance, XMORE offers tailor-made solutions thanks to the modularity of the hardware and software components. Basic solutions and more complex configurations can be engineered referring to the same product platform: evolving your application at any time.

The long-term protection solution: XMORE’s higher computing capabilities and expandable architecture increase the lifespan of the products and lower overall total ownership costs.


The XMORE platform is characterized by the high modularity and scalability of all its components. Products are easy to customize by adding hardware modules and using the software packages needed for any specific protection application: feeder, power and distribution transformer, motor and generator, capacitor bank protection.
The most suitable and scalable solution to meet today’s and tomorrow’s investments in power system protection and control.

Today, XMORE is the leader when it comes to protection relay technology a dependable and proven protection algorithm; accurate fault detection; comprehensive control monitoring and automation operation; greater connectivity with multiple redundant communication ports supporting the following protocols: IEC61850 ed2, IEC103, Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3.
The scalable hardware modularity grants up to 12 measuring analogue inputs, 53 BI, 31 BO, 16 configurable tri-color LEDs and a high speed I/O module performing arc flash protection.
Short circuiting CT’s connector and pluggable main cards allow quicker maintenance and recovery time.
XMore design aims to the easiness of the use. The local HMI – full size touch panel and graphical display with 10 key control function – and THYVISOR IED manager software grant a quick and easier configuration and maintenance of the relays while embedded Web Server allows easy and fast IED’s data monitoring and changes.
The easy to use IED’s platform for any users: panel builders, system integrators and end-customers.
XMORE is the result of in-depth study based on more than 50 years of Thytronic technical innovation and experience in power system protection.
A successful future in protection is built on the strength of current expertise and the experience of the past.


Every day, we wonder how we can face the challenge of a future in which electric power – from generation to distribution – will be a value to protect and use responsibly, as Power Grids have become one of the most complex systems built by humans, adding the latest innovative solutions to basic electrical engineering to produce flexible, intelligent and environmentally sustainable systems.

Our answer to those important challenges is more than 50 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing Protective Relays and Digital Solutions for safer, more reliable and more intelligent Power Grids. And above all, our vision is a world where human and artificial intelligence will merge to create new working systems, products and connections: only through this policy will we enhance our potential for development, growth and progress, and have the opportunity to deal with increasingly interesting issues, contact key clients, improve our skills and employ cutting-edge technologies to develop new products.

This is our commitment: to use all our energy for a safer future.